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The aftermath of the carnage in Gujarat in 2002 has witnessed the most elaborate deliberate subversion of legal justice by the government in Independent India. It has also witnessed some of the most effective resistance but civil society and human rights activists, and moments of unprecedented judicial remedies by the Supreme Court.

Justice is an essential feature of reconciliation because no genuine reconciliation can be constructed on fear and injustice. The battle for justice must be resolute but must also create spaces for dialogue and healing.

The Nyayagrah team is comprised of Hindus and Muslims, men and women, middle class and working class, believers and non-believers who are drawn together by their commitment to the ideal of equal citizenship rights for all Gujarat is irrespective of their religion, class, caste, or gender. The team strives to create a self-sustaining legal resource that will provide valuable legal advice to the poor and vulnerable sections of both the Hindu and Muslim communities in Gujarat.

Nyayagrah with the Lawyers’ Collective fought a long battle in the Supreme Court to challenge the closure without trial of more than 2000 cases registered after the Gujarat carnage. An enormous success of Nyayagrah, in January 2006, the Gujarat government ordered the reopening of all but 22 of the closed cases.

The legal battle involves fighting for just compensation and rehabilitation. In response to our application in the Supreme Court, the state government agreed that people have been unable to return home, but deny that this is due to fear and boycott, claiming that they have better economic conditions. We are undertaking a major survey to present to the Supreme Court, preparing a petition for just compensation and filing more than 2500 applications in local courts. The battle for justice is needed to prevent the recurrence of such mass crimes in the future.

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