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The Unsuni project intends to bring the stories of those people, the faceless, voiceless, helpless masses, to the forefront of our conscience, to the front pages of the news. This website attempts to pull together all those who wish to join the movement, who wish to give ideas, share anecdotes and information, who wish to reach out to others elsewhere.


Anhad’s Youth for Peace is a platform conceptualized, designed, and executed by and for youth. They want to make peace a movement with immediacy and meaning for youth, not just as an ideal theory. The activities of Youth for Peace include film screenings, debate and poetry completions, theatre performances, photography exhibitions, discussion forums and more.


iVolunteer is a volunteering exchange, a platform that connects volunteers with volunteering opportunities in India and abroad. They want to create a volunteering movement where Indian's take charge of India's destiny and proudly build a stronger, vibrant and developed India. They believe that individuals can take charge and make a difference.


Pravah works with a diversity of youth, helping them develop skills and equipping them to be positive change-makers of the future. They organize campaigns each year in which young people from diverse backgrounds come together to impact society through creative action programs. They also facilitate youth participation in social campaigns organized by others.

The site is a platform for young people all across the world to contribute to social causes, share achievements and ideas, develop knowledge and skills required to tackle local and global issues, and look for future support and collaborations with organizations.

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