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A team of Aman Sathis (field coordinators) and homeless youth leaders have been working in areas of Delhi that have high concentrations of street children. Aman workers are in touch with approximately 800 children to date, and have built relationships and trust with these children, have become their advocates, helping them access emergency interventions and services. Aman Sathis collect data on the children and mobilize and sensitise the local community (hospitals, police, volunteers etc.) about streets children and their needs. These local community groups will help monitor the program.

It has been agreed that hostels will be established with the capacity of 100 children and 10 housemothers, and the first year target is to establish 50 such hostels reaching out to approximately 5000 children. Through the Dil Se Campaign, the government has authorized the use of under-utilized buildings as residential hostels and has allocated 6800 per child per annum. Homeless women will be selected and trained as house mothers; they will care for the children and help manage the day-to-day operations of the hostel. Having undergone similar experiences as street children, they will be caring, empathetic, and sensitive, and will be able to provide them adequate support. The first residential hostel was opened in December 2006 and is located in Sarai Basti.

On of the main objectives of the Dil Se Campaign is to develop

a) a high level of confidence and self-esteem in the children,

b) an awareness of their constitutional rights and duties,

c) an understanding of equality and justice, and

d) the academic competencies and requisite skills to succeed in education, work and society.

Recognising that children’s basic needs must be met (i.e. food, shelter, health) before they can focus on education, the Dil Se Campaign has integrated these services into its educational model. All residential hostels will have strong educational components, including an educational bridge course, a programme for after-school support, and professional training options for older youth. For more information on the Dil Se Education Programme, click here.

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