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Dil Se Campaign (Delhi)
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Aman Yuva
Aman Yuva – Youth for Peace, Justice and Caring

Aman Yuva is a program designed for youth volunteers for peace and justice. It brings people of diverse faiths, religions, genders, classes, castes, languages, and regions together. Volunteering with Aman Biradari can be both a rewarding and an inspiring experience, as you meet and work with people who are bound by an active commitment to the universal values of humanism, justice, and truth. Aman Yuva is a part of a larger Aman Biradari or community of peace, united by their belief in the idea of a pluralist, humane, secular India and world. Regardless of your background, your age or where you call home, you are invited to join this community of volunteers.

The following are the current options available for Aman Yuva Volunteers:

Nyayagrah: A campaign for legal justice and reconciliation for the survivors of communal riots and violence:
In Gujarat, Delhi, Nellie, Hashimpura, and Bhagalpur

  • Stay with survivors, assessing the challenges that remain for them to rebuild their lives and social relations

  • Establish and/or support local units for legal justice and reconciliation

  • Internships for legal justice, research, documentation and peace building work

  • Long-term work with the local units for legal justice or reconciliation

Dil Se: A campaign for rights and protection of urban homeless children and women
In Delhi and Hyderabad

  • Volunteer time on regular basis for homeless children, teaching, games, counselling, music, theatre, art, health care etc.

  • Become a friend to one homeless child or youth over a long period

  • Mobilise volunteers and resources in cash or kind

  • Internships and long-term work with homeless children and women (on street or in hostels) and/or research and documentation

Legal Justice for Destitute People and Urban Homeless Children
In Delhi

  • Regular voluntary legal support to destitute people in beggars courts

  • Regular voluntary legal support to homeless children in juvenile justice courts

  • Internships to law graduates for destitute people in beggars courts and homeless children in juvenile justice courts

Right to Food: Research and Advocacy for People Who Live With Hunger
In Delhi, Jaipur, Bhubaneshwar and Hyderabad

  • Participatory research into various aspects of right to food, farmers’ suicides and hunger

  • Mobilise sustained caring citizen support for family members who survive starvation and farmers’ suicides

  • Internships for participatory research and caring citizen support for the right to food and combating hunger

Join the Campaign… To volunteer, fill out the form or email us at You can also call us at 91-9911178012.

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