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The campaign aims at peace and justice, and on building collaborations and motivating groups to work together with the aim of creating secular, democratic spaces for stigmatized and marginalized communities. The focus groups are women, youth and children from religious minorities, dalits and poorest of the poor backgrounds. To involve these groups Aman Vedika has taken up varied activities like motivating people in slum areas to organize activities at the local level, building networks of organizations across the state, as well as joining campaigns to express solidarity.

The impact of the work by Amanvedika volunteers is beginning to show gradually. Youth are attracted towards issues that promote social change and show willingness to take up these agendas. Ideas are emerging regarding ways to reach out to and mobilize our most vulnerable and marginalized populations. Women and youth groups have sought legal help for women and girls in distress.

Aman Vedika Youth intervention: A Changed life
Karuna was married at age 13 in 2002, her mother was a working woman and her father was sick and had been staying home. After one year, she gave birth to their son, so Karuna stopped working to look after their child. Soon after, her husband and in-laws started harassing her, alleging bad things about her and also beating her mercilessly. She escaped her in-laws house and came to her parent’s house with her son and started going to work again. Two years later, not only did her husband start harassing her, but her parents as well. Frustrated, Karuna approached the Aman Vedika Youth Group. The youth called her husband and her in-laws and warned that they would lodge a police complaint if he didn't look after her carefully. They frequently check in with Karuna and her family; Karuna is now staying happily at her in-laws house.

Amanvedika team has grown in stature working with these youth groups and expressing solidarity with their social concerns and actions. The following are the growth areas and future plans that need focused interventions:

Growth areas:
  • Bank linkages after formation of SHGs
  • Different resource persons for issues to sensitive community, youth and women
  • Access to information about how to involve govt. officials
  • Continuous follow-up activities with networks
  • Financial resources to provide traveling expenses to group participation in training programmes
  • Knowledge about registering the group
  • Dealing with threats from local leaders like lodging police cases, threatening to remove huts etc.
  • Planning skills with conceptual clarity
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